Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Views: Protests to fight against corruption…

Indian people in general are very emotional people. We love our families, our possessions, our favorite sport and even our mindset. The personal connect of each individual towards the object of love is very strong. There is nothing practical or logical about love. When we love a sport, in our case its Cricket, our love doesn’t end at the sport, we start loving its players. When they perform well, a strong hope starts to build up. We start feeling confident about securing the top spot in the sporting world. The emotions become even stronger and we start to worship these players.  And when these players stop delivering, we burn their effigies. We feel hurt. We feel cheated. We had built high hopes and now everything seems to be lost. “We build and lose hope very easily”. After some time we forget what happened.
                Similarly, today there is a fight against corruption that is being lead by Mr. Anna Hazare. I feel delighted to see hundreds of thousands of Indians standing in unison against corruption. Their feeling is strong and genuine. We are possibly now in love with the feeling of corruption free India and the emotions are running high. Mr. Hazare wants his version of anti-graft bill to be presented in the parliament, while the ruling government has come up with their own draft that is considered to be more benign. Mr. Hazare and the protestors want corruption to be wiped off in a go while ruling party has their doubt on whether a strong bill could also wipe off corruption or not.
                I think both the parties need to converge at a middle point. The protestors demand is highly genuine but we have been living with corruption for about 4 or 5 decades. A thing that took 5 decades to build up cannot be stopped with any single booster dose. If the corruption needs to be wiped out, and stronger bill might not help the cause, then government needs to clearly identify how corruption can actually be wiped off. What conditions would certainly be required to do it. After having identified that, the work for the government would boil down to creation of those conditions in a phased manner. This might take time, but here the will power of the protestors would come into play i.e. not to lose hope and forget about their dream of a corruption free India. With sustained courage and conviction, the protesting party should work along with the government to fight the disease of corruption. Actions of both the stakeholders have to complement each other to fight the biggest evil that we face today.

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